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The Hammond Family - Christmas 2015

So here we sit, 2 years since our last Christmas card, or has it been longer? Probably just two. This is the start of year #2 in our home in Wildwood. We moved into the house in November 2014 and have been loving it out here on the far side of West County ever since.

We have been back in Missouri for 3 years now, and while we do miss living 1 mile from the Ocean, and the beauty of California, we do not miss California itself. It is great to be back home near our closest friends and family (no offense to any of you who aren’t here!).

Jacqueline turned 5 in October and has been loving having her little brother around to torment her, pull her hair and chase her around the house. They actually get along very well most of the time. Jackie goes to pre-k 5 days a week at the early childhood school down the street from my office, she’s looking forward to kindergarten next year a short walk from our home.

Daniel is growing like a weed and talking as much as his sister these days. He goes to a mother’s day out group down the road 3 days a week to give his mother a little time to herself (at the gym of course). He’s waiting for his 5th birthday when he can get his own go-kart and start racing around cones on a parking lot with daddy.

Natalie has turned herself into a fitness buff over the past couple of years. She is at the gym nearly every day of the week, sometimes twice a day as she has talked me into trying to go as well. She is looking to get back into the dressage (fancy horse dancing) business in 2016, so if you’re a former client, look out, she’ll be calling you soon!

I am still at ClubReady, coming up on 3 years now in February. I’ve changed rolls a number of times over the past year, most recently (last week) into the VP of Product Management. While I will still be doing some development work (mainly my DNN work on the side) my daily role will be to continue to interact with our customers (UFC Gym, 9Round, CKO, Club Pilates and many others) on a regular basis to shape the product roadmap for the club management software that we specialize in. Outside of work I’ve finally acquired another 350z (3rd one) for autocross and will be terrorizing some cones in 2016 and beyond.

We have had a great year as a family, and hope you and your family have as well. Please keep in touch!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that jazz,


The Hammond Family

Chris, Natalie, Jacqueline and Daniel


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