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Datgum possum

I took the dogs out this evening after watching tonight's episode of Heroes, and they turned into Sylar!

I guess there was a possum or something under the deck because they both went nuts. Rather than stay there with them barking I dragged them off to the front of the house to do their business. While on the way there though Oliver decided he was going to pick up the baby possum that I didn't see sitting there. He dropped it, and then immediately picked it back up. Luckily he listen when I told him no and he tossed it off to the side.

Had to take the dogs to the front door and ring the bell so Natalie would let us in. Then I went back out with a flashlight and didn't find a thing, I guess the little one lucked out and didn't get his back broken, as he must of run off when I got the dogs away.

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