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We made it on TV

Well Natalie, Auntie Carol and I made it on TV tonight. We went down to Fenway to get a few Red Sox jackets today. We figured it would be easier to buy them today rather than fighting the opening day crowds tomorrow.

After the jackets we went into the ticket office because Carol wanted to try to find some printed schedules. On our way out of the ticket office the guy from Channel 5 news was there, I made eye contact with him and could tell he was ready to ask a question. Natalie ran away but I grabbed Auntie Carol and we reeled Natalie back into the fold. He asked us a few questions about if we had just gotten tickets, if we were big fans, etc.

We got home right at 5pm so we turned on the news. After the 5 o'clock news we figured perhaps we weren't going to make it on the air. Well about 25 minutes into the 6 o'clock news we ended up on TV! We did get it taped with the VCR, now the task is to get it digitized, though it'll probably take a few days as i'll have to make a dupe of the VCR tape and take it home to STL, then digitize it there.

The clip was mostly me, but also cut to Auntie Carol when she said we went to Game 4 in St. Louis in 2004, then it cut back to me and the sportscaster cut over the audio and said "before you come to any conclusions this is his aunt, and this is his new wife" after going to a shot of Natalie.

Natalie's goal for Opening Day is to make it on TV again!

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