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Update on the House and Ice Storm

So here's a quick update on how we spent January 14th, 2007. First a recap of the last few hours of the 13th.

Around 5pm Dom and family came over cause their house was without power. We watched a few movies, had some dinner. Around 10pm the power went out, not a big deal. I read some of my econ book (classes start wednesday) by candle light, then went to bed before 11pm. Around 1:30am or so all hell breaks loose. I'm a deep sleeper, but the sound of a freight train hitting your house will wake just about anyone. I woke, but had no idea what was going on, Natalie's running around yelling that a tree just fell on Dom and the baby.

They come out into the hall and are alright, I put some clothes on and head to the backdoor, Natalie's outside yelling at the neighbors, who are also outback yelling back, yelling in a panic, not in anger. One of their trees had taken a bit of a fall, and it decided to take down 2 of our trees, and all three of them decided to find a new home on top of our home.

The neighbors tell us we can sleep at their place, but after a while we figure out that Dom's power is back on at home by calling her phone so we decide to head over there. C and I went outside and looked around, saw the HUGE tree down on the house, gutter down off the side, and the other two trees that went with it. Only 1 branch actually came completely down, the two larger ones are both still have attached to the trees they came from.

We spent the night at Dom's, called the landlord first thing in the morning, then headed out to the barn to make sure the horses had water as the barn was without power for most of Saturday and Sunday as well.

After leaving the barn we went back to the house, talked to the landlord on the way who had already been to the house and left. They're calling a tree service, so hopefully they will come take away this mess soon. We've got quite a few pictures, the later pictures are of the neighbors house, the first ones are of ours.


After we scoped out the house we started packing. We took two loads of things over to the new house, which happens to also still be without power. We're hoping to get everything moved by this weekend, and then be done with this house on Dauphine lane. I've also decided that when we purchase a house, I'm cutting down every damn tree that's anywhere close to anything, the house, cars, the pets, I don't care, give me a flat field with no trees.


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